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  • How long will it take me to read?
    It is a very easy quick read perfect for the busy woman, should take you an hour at the most!
  • How long will it take to ship? How quickly will I get my download?
    Handling is less than 5 days, we often ship out the next day and then standard shipping times from Los Angeles based on your destination. Download is instant, if you don't see please check your spam.
  • Can I give my friend my book? Can I give my friend my e-book?
    Yes & Yes! Why not we won't know, besides sharing is caring. If she loves it tell her to buy some for her friends. Just please no mass sending out of the ebook, no reselling of the book or e-book, no posting the entire book or e-book online.
  • Is this the realest book ever written?
    Yes, no not really but yes!
  • Is the author married?
    I know some people want to know this to know whether the advice is solid,but a woman can give a man great advice, someone who doesnt know you might be able to guide you better than your best friend? No, I'm not married but Im in a happy great relationship and all I want for my readers is happiness as well!
  • I'm still single can I get a refund?
    Sorry no refunds, no promises, this book is more about your perspective and mindset more than anything. Exchanges definitley available if there was anything wrong with your copy, please email
  • How can I self publish my own book?
    Talk to Nadia Stanley directly hit her up on social media and ask!
    PG5 ____________INTRODUCTION PG6 ____________“I DON’T GO OUT” PG7 ____________“ALL MEN ARE DOGS” PG8 ____________“WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE?” PG9 ____________“I HATE BLIND DATES” PG10 ___________“BUT I’M PRETTIER THAN HER” PG11 ___________“I DON’T BELIEVE IN ONLINE DATING” PG12 ___________“I DON’T LIKE THE GYM BECAUSE MEN HIT ON ME THERE” PG13 ___________“IF HE REALLY LIKES ME, HE’LL BREAK DOWN MY WALLS” PG14 ___________“I’M NOT DIFFICULT, I’M JUST HARD TO GET” PG15 ___________“I’M A WIFE, NOT A GIRLFRIEND” PG16 ___________“I’M LOOKING FOR IDRIS ELBA” PG17 ___________“HE’S TOO SQUARE” PG18 ___________“I WANT A MAN WITH MONEY” PG19 ___________“THE TYPE OF MEN I LIKE, DON’T LIKE ME” PG20 ___________“I’M PICKY” PG21 ___________“NOPE, IT’S NOT HIM, IT’S YOU” PG22-23 ________CONCLUSION PG24-31________JOURNAL
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