Frequently asked questions

Is this the realest book ever written?

Yes, no not really but yes!

I'm still single, can I get a refund?

Sorry no refunds, no promises, this book is more about your perspective and mindset more than anything. Exchanges definitley available if there was anything wrong with your copy, please email iknowwhybooks@gmail.com

Can I give my friend my book? Can I give my friend my e-book?

Yes & Yes! Why not we won't know, besides sharing is caring. If she loves it tell her to buy some for her friends. Just please no mass sending out of the ebook, no reselling of the book or e-book, no posting the entire book or e-book online.

How can I self publish my own book?

Talk to Nadia Stanley directly hit her up on social media and ask!

For any bookings/media/wholesale inquiries, please contact:

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