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I'm not an author, I simply wrote a book. A quick read that will hopefully change you or your friends life. Growing up twenty minutes outside of Boston, Mass. probably explains my sarcasm, being born in England explains my directness and being raised by not one but two Jamaican parents definitely explains my belief in Tough Love, #ToughLoveForYourSoul. I believe in balance in all things, this book is necessary in a time that lacks accountability across the board, in a time that is still very unfair and suppresive towards women but coddles and enables women at the same time. I'm far from an expert just a wise friend giving you some tough but friendly advice. Enough about me and my thoughts, it's not about me it's about you, I know why you're single, sis! Do you?

Books, Books, Books

"all Men are dogs, then does that make all women B&^#@s?"  - Favorite Quote


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